WWE Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley Makes Local Appearance

Just south of Detroit, in Oregon, Ohio in a packed house called the Skyway Rec Center, World Bigtime Wrestling held their 3rd Anniversary Megashow. Filled with hardcore matches and even a women’s ladder match, you can’t spell “extreme” without Mick Foley.

If you don’t think wrestling is a sport, or it’s fake, head over to YouTube or Google and type in “Mick Foley, Hell in a Cell”. Fans came from all over to see the hardcore legend. So much so that WBW continued their VIP Meet & Greets until the end of the show to meet demands. The man with the catch-phrase, “Have a nice day!” was nice enough to take pictures and sign autographs (with Socko on hand, literally) until the last fan left the building.

The former WWE RAW GM, Mick’s appearance comes ahead of WWE RAW’s 25th Anniversary show set to take place in New York, where Foley will be in attendance. With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, could we see Foley as a surprise entrant? Time will tell if one or 3 faces of Foley will make their way back into a WWE ring.

WWE Hall of Famer, Bushwhacker Luke was also present at the WBW show.

More match results, please see wbwrestling.com

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